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In the new Porsche model presentation, there were several pictures of the Porsche Macan. Here we show some of the images presented to the public on the announcement of the new SUV of the German mark, the Macan.

In these photos, you can see the futuristic lines presented the prototype of Macan, you can discover the features shared with its "big brother", the Cayenne. Apart from these pictures of Macan, we show designs published on the internet of what could be the final line of the new 4x4 Porsche.

Some of these photos of the Porsche Macan may not be true to be the final design of the German model, since there are still few data that Porsche has published, and are mere estimates, but you never know if these images had been promoted by the same car manufacturer.

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Name Old Porsche Man el 06/04/2012:

I hope the Macan is closer to the drawing Photo 6. I prefer a VW CC type roof. The drawing of the panamera was the same and it came out like an upside down bathtub. We don\'t need all that head space!

Farhad el 28/04/2012:

This car is just awesome.

Old Porsche Man el 27/10/2012:

Just received info on the Panamera Sport Turismo. Now the panamera looks like a porsche! Give us some of that in the new Macon!

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